Friday, December 09, 2005

Well, I feel I have to post another entry to this blog of mine, but I don't have anything to say, and I say it and that is poetry, as the guy who prepared the piano said. So here it goes:
"Every change is for the worse". This is a realization that took me a long time to come to formulate, and it went hrough several revisions to arrive at its briliant, concise, and probably final form. I had noticed the phenomenon in my life (i.e. how it just keeps getting worse with the passage of time) and in the history o the world in general, but it took me some time to understand how this law lies at the heart of that "thing" we call time. Now from a physical perspective I ca not really explain why the increase in general entropy will by itself results in a "worse" situation, but since the observation of phenomena on a larger scale forces me to form the hypothesis that it does, I guess I have to accept it too. Nietzsche makes this point in his Antichrist, where he mentions the belief of almost all cultures and civilizations in a golden era which lies irrecoverably in the "past" and a future that people are happy to avoid by the unavoidability of their death, and shows the great contrast between this point o view and then the jueo-muslim-christian POV that puts the messiah firmly in the "future". Of course there is an Eden in the past too, but while you inject people with hope for the future the past becomes semi-superfluous, and that is obviously how the more "progressive" aspects of the western culture has always functioned, as opposed to the reactionary golden era aspects that hold their gaze firmly on the greek and latin antiquity and refuse to change the direction of their attention.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

No Title

This is the first post, and thus the saddest moment in the life of this blog, infinitely more so than its death.